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Australia, October 30th 2014
Grange going cheap as Treasury cleans out its cellar
By Julie-Anne Sprague at The Sydney Morning Herald

Liquor retailers are being offered huge discounts on Penfolds Grange for the first time in 35 years in what they say is a move by Treasury Wine Estates to clear out excess stock of Australia's iconic premium wine.
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Greece, October 29th 2014
Greek wine production shows drop in production
By Ioanna Zikakou at Greek Reporter

Wine is one of Greece’s main products. 2014, however, was not a good year for Greek vineyards as, according to the Greek Wine Federation, production decreased by 15%. In contrast to the significant production decrease, the prices of grapes used for winemaking went up. 

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New Zealand, October 28th 2014
Wine buyers lured by label
By Warren Barton at

Ever wondered what drives the choice you make when you're shopping for wine, apart perhaps than the need for a drink?
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USA, October 28th 2014
On television, women drink red wine, men drink beer
By Eric Asimov at The New York Times

American popular culture has always been awash in alcoholic beverages, but seldom has the drink been wine, red wine in particular, and rarely has it been treated so specifically as a beverage primarily for women, served in oversize goblets and consumed like the after-work cocktails of previous eras. 
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USA, October 27th 2014
Lessons for brands from the Millennials

Young people in America are drinking more wine than any generation before them, but what in the world does that have to do with companies that practice law or sell socks? There are some characteristics that have emerged about this generation that any business can learn from.
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Australia, October 27th 2014
Australian wine production to rise 2%
By Jasmine O'Donoghue at Foodmagazine

Australian 2014 wine production should see a two percent increase (from 12.3mhl to 12.6mhl), while global production is predicted to decrease six percent.
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France, October 26th 2014
French winemakers seek funds to stop disease

French winemakers have demanded urgent funds to tackle a vine disease that could decimate vineyards across the country. The fungal disease esca is said to be incurable and could be as devastating as a 19th century plague that destroyed France's vineyards. 
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France, October 24th 2014
France regains top winemaker rank
From Reuters

France regained its seat as the world's top wine producer in 2014, trumping main competitor Italy where producers had suffered a poor harvest, the International Organisation of Vine and Wine (OIV) announced on Thursday.
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Italy, October 23rd 2014
A tough vintage in Italy
By Elisabetta Tosi at

“We work in a factory without a roof, and have to accept what the sky gives us… but I have never seen a summer like this,” sighs the old grape grower.
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USA, October 22nd 2014
US state plans to dump more than 2,000 bottles of wine
By Romy Varghese at

Christina Turley’s father, Larry, producesCalifornia wine from vines that date back to the late 1800s. Sought by collectors, several bottles may be dumped down a Philadelphia sink.
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