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Portugal, December 7th 2014
Cork producers look to slow declining sales
By David Pierson at The LA Times

Two hundred fifty years of market dominance may have left a whiff of complacency in the cork industry. They didn't always listen to your gripes about cork taint — that awkward moment when you pop open your prized cabernet and it smells like wet dog.
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France, December 7th 2014
Conviction for not spraying overturned in Burgundy
By John Lichfield at The Independent

Few wine drinkers consider pesticides a required ingredient but a vineyard owner in Burgundy had to resort to the courts to uphold his right to keep them from his latest vintage.
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USA, December 5th 2014
Pace of Californian sales likely to slow in 2015
By Jeff Quackenbush at The North Bay Business Journal

fter a relatively active string of sales of California vineyard, winery and brands in the past few years, the thirst for new deals likely will subside in the new year.
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New Zealand, December 5th 2014
Organic vineyard trial shows mixed results
By   at

Does organic matter? The answer is a bit more complicated than Organic Winegrowers New Zealand was hoping for from the Organic Focus Project, which tested organic management side-by-side with conventional practices in three New Zealand vineyards.
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December 4th 2014
Wine compounds influence perceptions of quality

For experts, wine quality is linked to high contents of norisoprenoids. For consumers, wine quality is linked to high contents of oak-related volatiles. Ethanol increases finish intensity and duration of coconut and floral flavors in red wine
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United Kingdom, December 4th 2014
Wine fraud 'rampant' in the UK market
By Nicholas Robinson at

Fraud in the UK’s wine industry is rampant because the sector has failed to implement the controls necessary to stamp it out, a food safety expert has claimed.
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China, December 4th 2014
China tries its hand at fine wine
By Tony Perrottet at The Wall Street Journal

On a clear day, Grace Vineyard, 310 miles southwest of Beijing, might be mistaken for a winery in Tuscany. The balcony of the Italianate mansion overlooks lush rows of grapevines stretching to the horizon, where low mountains hover in the haze. 
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USA, December 3rd 2014
Cannabis-infused wine delivers a 'full body buzz'
By Parvati Shallow at CBS News

Pot brownies, cookies and other potent treats have been around for years, but as more states pass legislation to legalize marijuana, a rock star would like to introduce you to a more sophisticated form of cannabis cuisine.
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India, December 1st 2014
Indian wine brand launches online campaign to raise funds in UK
From The Economic Times

A UK-based Indian wine company, seeking to establish its brand in the global market, has launched a campaign to raise 350,000 pounds through an online crowd-funding platform.
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November 28th 2014
Maltese industry hits out at new tax
By Matthew Vella at Malta Today

Malta’s major wine producers Marsovin, Meridiana, Camilleri Wines, and producers’ coop Vitimalta have come out against a 15c excise on Maltese wine, complaining that the measure was taken without them being consulted.
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