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United Kingdom, October 17th 2014
20% for Meininger's readers at Wine Vision

Where in the world do you find major wine industry CEOs in one place discussing business? Normally, you don’t.

Wine Vision is going to change all that.

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USA, October 20th 2014
Are millennials wine illiterate?
By W. Blake Gray at Palate Press

Are millennials illiterate? Uninterested in where wine comes from? Or are they wine’s Greatest Generation? My working assumption has been the latter: that people in their 20s are willing to spend money on wines from anywhere, and are more concerned with drinking something interesting than impressing their peers.

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Japan, October 20th 2014
Younger consumers push up wine variety in Japanese supermarkets
From Malaymailonline

Grocery stores in Japan are stocking their shelves with a greater range of wines, thanks in part to demand from younger consumers. 
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USA, October 17th 2014
Star athlete rejuvenates by bathing in red wine
By Ohm Youngmisuk at EPSN New York

Amar'e Stoudemire played in three preseason games in four nights and said his body and surgically repaired knees felt great. One reason might be a new red wine treatment Stoudemire has been trying.

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South Africa, October 17th 2014
Q&A with Bruce Jack of Accolade
By Adam Lechmere at

I grew up in Cape Town, the son of an architect and a musician/writer, so perhaps it was inevitable I would become a winemaker.
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United Kingdom, October 17th 2014
Boom time for British vineyards
By Jane Denton for

The number of UK wine producers has reached a 20-year high and grown by almost 50% in the past year.
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USA, October 17th 2014
How wine fraud is destroying the rare wine business
By Levi Dalton at

Back in August, a prolific wine collector was given a distinction that no other connoisseur had ever been awarded in US history: he was sentenced to a 10 year prison term for counterfeiting wine. Rudy Kurniawan was ordered to a decade behind bars and to pay fines and restitution totaling over $48 million in connection with his wine dealings. 
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Australia, October 16th 2014
Alcohol industry leads way on climate change
By Jane Wardell at

Wine and beer lovers face an uncertain future. While climate change is a distant consideration for many global businesses, grapes and grains are on the front line.
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USA, October 15th 2014
Drones could become a familiar sight over Californian vineyards
By Bill Swindel at The Press Democrat

As he went around Napa Valley in the past two years, Ken Giles had the unenviable task of notifying nearby residents that UC Davis would be conducting a demonstration project using drones to spray pesticides at its vineyard in Oakville.
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New Zealand, October 14th 2014
Marlborough school seeks international students
By Anna Williams at

Marlborough secondary schools are on a mission to recruit international students from wine-growing regions around the world.
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