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USA, September 29th 2014
The difference that altitude makes to wine
By Cathy Huyghe at Forbes

Earlier this summer, Master Sommelier Andrea Immer Robinson chose the wines that Delta Air Lines would carry on board their flights for the following year.
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September 29th 2014
How winery owners can preserve their family legacy
By James Dunn at The Press Democrat

Family-run wineries in transition from founder to children can find themselves in the middle of highly-charged conflicts.
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Australia, September 29th 2014
Treasury Wine rejects takeover bid
By Byron Kaye at Reuters

Australia's Treasury Wine Estates Ltd, one of the world's biggest wine companies, rejected takeover offers from private equity firms saying bids that valued it at $3 billion were insufficient and required it take on too much debt.
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China, September 29th 2014
China's Ningxia region matures
By Sebastien Blanc at AFP

Just a few years ago barely anyone had heard of wines from Ningxia in China, but today the region is producing some of the country's best vintages and it doesn't plan on stopping there.
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United Kingdom, September 29th 2014
Gusbourne seeks to raise more capital
By Guy Collins at

Gusbourne Plc, a winemaker in southeast England intent on tapping greater demand for U.K. sparkling wine, will seek more funding to increase production after boosting its stocks with 2013 vintages.
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France, September 26th 2014
Bordeaux's vineyards threatened by new pest
By Suzanne Mustacich at

Bordeaux’s winegrowers face a growing menace in the form of a three-millimetre (0.1 inch) long Asian fruit fly called Drosophila suzukii, suspected of spreading sour rot through ripening grapes in otherwise healthy vineyards.
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USA, September 25th 2014
US wineries speak up about benefits of cork

A growing list of leading wineries, including St. Francis, Bogle and Fetzer, are speaking up about the benefits of using natural cork. They recognize that not only does natural cork allow wines to age perfectly, but using natural cork also provides a potential competitive advantage when it comes to marketing their wine brands.
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Australia, September 25th 2014
Winery takes on Chinese market through home deliveries
By Kerstin Kehren at The Courier Mail

Mt Cotton winemaker Sirromet is tapping the Chinese market through home deliveries — wherever the consumer lives.
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United Kingdom, September 24th 2014
An interview with UK wine critic Oz Clarke
By Nick McGrath at The Telegraph

Oz Clarke, the wine expert and television presenter, recalls impromptu in-flight wine tastings, the shortfalls of Ryanair and reveals the best vineyards in the world.

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United Kingdom, September 24th 2014
London's first winery facing EU labelling restrictions
By Victoria Moore at The Telegraph

New urban winery London Cru releases its groundbreaking first wines today.There’s just one snag: thanks to EU bureaucracy, London Cru isn’t allowed to tell customers what they’re actually drinking.
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